Mom wants that SHOT!

This week at the Mother LOAD we were working on using products that we really like.  Many of us apparently horde the products that we love.  I do not have that problem.  I buy 2, 3, 5 copies of things I love.  That way I’ve got another when I’m ready to use it again.

How I got started with this LO was…  I first decided that I was going to do a Christmas LO.  I love Christmas, and have quite the Christmas stash.  Then I picked my newest favorite Christmas picture.  Sean screaming bloody murder with Santa.  I wanted this picture, I knew what it was going to be after last year, and I didn’t care.  I wanted a picture of Sean with Santa.  Then I found this pretty blue polka dot paper and thought WOW!  This looks great with my picture, and wouldn’t it look great with the snowflake overlay from Hambly that I have?  It did.  Then I went through my embellishments and started shopping.  I remembered what May Flaum told me about clustering…  I picked out that awesome Santa playing card, the peace card from the Paper Source and the holly and I was on my way.  I just love how it turned out.  The sun makes the background look weird, but in person it is exactly what I wanted.  The Santa is so perfect, I wanted everything to kind of feel perfect too.

Scrapbook LO: Mom wants that SHOT!

Supply list to come…


  1. GWEN! Love your page! I promised myself I’d get back to my scrapbook layouts after Tim’s class this weekend. I’ll save you a seat! Yippeee!! Can’t wait to see ya!

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