LOAD, 8 - 13

It’s been so busy!  Sean was sick, and I stayed home for 2 days.  I didn’t want to, but I did.  I’m still working on my design team project, and hopefully it will be finished this week.  Or it might be the death of me.  Yes, it was a challenge, but I’m not sure I needed a challenge this month.

So, let’s start with day 8 of LOAD:  What do you miss?

I miss holding Sean while he sleeps.  I remember this evening, he passed out so early!  John held him most of the time, and I was so jealous.  So, we transferred for the last 5 minutes or so.  I thought this paper was perfect, with the stars and moon…  I even used a bit of stickles to make them sparkle a bit.


Day 9: Memories of Home

God, I really didn’t like thinking about this.  There are pictures of houses…  But with the moving and other stuff, who wanted to go there.  So, I went with my boys.  Honestly, where ever we are, I’m home.  A hotel, the beach, the house…  Loved finding that Amy Tangerine key!

Day 10:  I don’t remember…

But I went with when I knew I was in love with John.  It happened while we were in Dublin…  A day or two in, that is for sure.  It took a minute for me to be sure.  But when he put on this hat, I knew there was more to him than just what was on the outside.  I see this guy with Sean daily.  I love John in his Viking Hat.


Day 11: School Days

Well, I had pulled out this picture of me at 12.  It’s my favorite photo of my high school years.  I remember the brown corduroy knickers I was wearing and the socks… Penny loafers, all bought at The Limited.  I remember being thinner than I had ever been, and that I had new bras that closed in the front.  I remember being in love with Brian Colish, having my first kiss, Nancy, Jenna and Janet…  It was a good 6 months.  Then, we moved. 


Day 12: Things that stay the same

I really don’t like looking through my non-existent photos searching for memories.  They are all slides in the garage.  It sucks, so I said, John find me a picture for today.  He found a great one with goats, one with him in a car, and then this one.  This great photo of him in a spinning ride.  And I have him spinning at Disneyland with Sean.  Perfect.  I knew right away I was going to do one big photo and one small.  So happy with the results.


Day 13:  Focus on a hobby you have had for a long time.

OK, John said I should do knitting.  I really didn’t want to.  I’ve not been knitting (not that I don’t have a TON of yarn), but I don’t do it so much anymore.  What I do still do is collect R.E.M.  Who would have known in 1986 that this would have become a passion of mine.  Biggest regret of my life?  The Dublin sessions.  1.5 months before I got married.  Had a huge trip planned for the honeymoon, and I want to go to Dublin to see R.E.M.  I didn’t go.  I’ve never regretting anything quite so much.  Now that they aren’t a band anymore…  I regret it even more.  I remember getting the news of the breakup.  It killed me.  When I look back on moments in my life, they are there.  All over the Bruce thing, playing loud and strong during the Michael thing, even during the Tom thing.  Now with John, R.E.M. memories.  This is from the fan club mailing right after they announced it was over.  The white is supposed to represent my tear drops.


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