Oh Gossamer Blue, how I love you…

I can’t tell you how much fun I had with this months Gossamer Blue kit.  I loved just about every element, and was so excited to get started.

My first LO with this November 2012 kit was a picture I’ve been hording for months.  I love the quiet calmness of this photo.  You know that Sean was busy.  The cars are there.  But for the first time ever, on July 1, 2012, Sean passed out on the couch.  It had never happened before.  He hates naps.  But here he is, asleep on the couch.  The papers just complement the calmness of the photos.  The sage green, the mustard yellow, and a bit of pink and blue.  I love the little Sodalicious arrows.  The only thing not from the November kit was the little sticker from the September kit that looks like washi tape.  I just love it.

he sleeps lo


I went looking for photos for a day of cropping, and this awesome photo from our last visit to Disneyland popped on the screen.  I love that his super hero mask is pink.  Ask Sean his favorite color, and he will tell you that he likes all colors of the rainbow.  It was no surprise that the picked pink and yellow as the color of his mask.  But I was asked the question, “is that ok”.  Hmm.  I’m not that kind of parent.  I am assigning no gender roles to my kid.  He will be who he wants to be.  I saw the blue stripe of paper, and I was sold.  Then I picked all the embellies out.  Finally I said, what for the background.  This pink and brown chevron was perfect.  It just fit.  I knew I was going to have to add some stickles.  Everthing works so well.  It’s got that feeling of I love colors, all colors.  I love it, and boy it came together QUICK.  I like that too.

pink lo


I had heard something about a white challenge, don’t know where, or how, but I thought, I could do that.  And there were all the papers, right there in my kit!  I love the taupe and white, and how it feels like clouds.  I then wanted something that looked like rain.  So I used some twine from Octobers kit, and made it look like rain.  It does, I’m not sure it totally meets the “white” challenge, but I’m so happy!  And we had a great time in the rain!

rain lo


You know, there is something to be said about having inspiring photos.  I wasn’t inspired.  But it’s a page, and I’m happy it’s down.  And, I have to have pictures of my dad.  I have to.  I shouldn’t be so hard on myself, but, it’s my least favorite.  I do however, like the film strip die with the ribbon behind it.  It looks great in person.

oakland zoo lo


The last one.  A date with my husband to see Lion King and dinner at Frances, a one Michelin star restaurant in the Castro.  We had such a great time, and I loved how this gray paper took on a tribal feeling with the little strip of left over zebra velum that I got from a friend.  I added the tiny bit of polka dot washi tape that a friend gave to me, and WHAM! another LO that I love from this kit.  And yes, I know it’s crooked.  I planned it that way.  I love this.

lion king lo


If you haven’t given Gossamer Blue a look, you really must.  It’s awesome!

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