LOAD517 – Day 3 – capturing stars

Today, we were given the best prompt, “All the words! Tell a big story with lots of words in the journaling OR tell the story of a sound or quote you often hear.”  Woo hoo!  Journaling!  I love journaling!  I knew the perfect story.  Death Valley. When we first got to the park, it was dark.  There was no moon, just million of stars.  I knew that I wanted to try to capture the stars.  I took a picture of, well, nothing.  Of course I couldn’t photograph those stars with my phone.

Last year I purchased a few old Studio Calico Kits.  This paper was in one of those kits, I really think it captures the feeling of stars.  I grabbed a piece of vellum.  I wanted it to seem like I was writing on the stars.  John had a constellation finder on his phone…  He found a few.  I used 3 stars and letters from some Amy Tangerine thickers, and some old Basic Grey letters.  A pop of yellow just finished it all off.  It’s amazing to me that just a little bit of product can make an awesome LO.  It’s all about the pictures.

LO - the stars of Death Valley

I had no ideal I would ever see so many stars.  These photos were taken at Father Crowley Vista.  We stopped because, well, Sean needed to go to the bathroom.  We felt so lucky that there was a stop with a bathroom.  It was so dark.  There were no lights anywhere.  No parking lot lights.  No bathroom lights.  It was just dark.  We pointed the car so that the car lights illuminated the bathrooms.  It was still dark in there.  We used our phone flashlights to light things up.

The bugs that you could see in the light were huge.  It was kinda scary.  But, we got it done.

Once we turned off the car lights, what we saw was amazing.  We saw the Milky Way.  The. Milky. Way.  I had no idea how beautiful it was.  We could easily spot the constellations that we knew, with all the stars visible around them.  What I really wanted to do was lay down on the ground and just look up.  Scaredy cat me couldn’t do it.  I was afraid of not only bugs, but little mice and such.  I’m sure they wouldn’t have come around, but I would have never known, it was that dark.  I could have stayed for hours.  I was disappointed that it was time to go so soon.  Who knew I would like the dark so much.


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