LOAD517 – Day 5 – Hiking Yosemite

“Magic mirror on the wall! What would you like the mirror to tell you about yourself?”  I’d like the mirror to tell me that I  am a great hiker.  And, that I am a very athletic person… And that I can hike up to Vernal Fall Bridge.

My mirror does not say that.

Today, I used a map of the Yosemite Valley Shuttle System as the main patterned paper for my layout.  I love using maps in my layouts.  They tell so much about a story.  A map gives a layout information that maybe you wouldn’t have shared.  With a map, you get a visual representation of where you really were.  This layout uses very simple embellishments.  I used a circle paperclip, 3 enamel dots, and an Amy Tangerine leaf.  I also found this super cute squirrel in one of those old Studio Calico kits I had.  When I added a date sticker, and a Little Yellow Bicycle journaling card, I finished my layout.

Yes, there is hidden journaling.  I love hidden journaling.  It’s a great way to make your layout interactive.

LO - Hiking Yosemite

I went into this vacation thinking that we were going to do easy hikes.  John had assured me of this.  Unfortunately, our first hike was not that.  Our first hike was to Vernal Fall Bridge.  I know that John really wanted Sean to experience this.  It is beautiful and it is a moderate hike.  However, it is really a mile and a half of stairs.  To say I was not prepared is an understatement.  By the time we were half way up, I was exhausted, frustrated, and I was mad at myself.  I didn’t start working out before we left.  I just told John that he needed to keep things easy.

There is another hike that we could have done, that is really a walk, and it is not so difficult.  Unfortunately, we didn’t realize it was there until we were on our way out of the park.  I wish that I had been more engaged when we were planning this trip.  I think I would have picked different hikes.  We ended up taking the hike to Mirror Lake.  Which did not have any mirror because of the drought.  We did enjoy this walk.  But, I was still behind, and I was still embarrassed.

I learned a bunch about myself here.  But more than that, I learned about where I fit in my family.  I think I fall behind and, I don’t like that.



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