Was SJSU Scobleized?

Let me tell you one of the things I love about the fact that I work at a university. There are always interesting people giving talks about random things. Actually, I've never attended one of these talks before. I've thought some of them have looked interesting, but I never really thought they were available to me. I feel bad about leaving my desk during the work day, you know, I want to be a conscientious employee and all that. Yesterday there were two big talks. One given by Gerald Cory … [Read more...]

Is Prince Harry just st-OO-pid?

So, this intrigued me this morning as I was getting ready... Katie Couric says something like "Prince Harry wore a Nazi costume to a party" and thus I had to sit down and watch. I think of the two princes, Harry is cuter (it's a red hair thing). So when I hear something about him, I just listen/watch. You know, the cute thing and all. Then they show this picture from The Sun and I'm thinking, is this kid just looking for trouble, or is he just stOOpid? Come on, you have no idea what to … [Read more...]

stomach flu

i've had stomach flu since sunday. it made house hunting very difficult, but i did it. yesterday was hell, and my fever broke about 6:30 last night. i'm still exausted, and i can even keep crackers in, but i'm feeling a bit better. i'll be home again today. i hope you are feeling a lot better than i am. … [Read more...]

miss manners takes on bloggers!

i was reading over at nongirlfriend about the fact that miss manners wrote a little somethin' somethin' about blogging. Friends are not the ideal receptacles for daily confidences that keep making these points, as it does not take long to discover. Their minds wander, causing them to misunderstand or forget what they were told. They are especially prone to forgetting they were told not to tell others. Their emotions don't always come out the way they were supposed to, and they make irritating … [Read more...]

what you talkin’ bout south africa?

i'm not religious, let me make that clear. but the thought that a country would cancel christmas is just wrong. i'm a HUGE fan of christmas, HUGE. i can't wait until christmas every year. i make a christmas cd, i buy way too many presents, i send christmas cards. i understand that for many, christmas is very religious. but for me, it's not. it's all about santa claus, snow and children. someone aught to take those politicians and smack them. what are they thinking? … [Read more...]

the senate wants to do what?  and bush said WHAT?

via glimpse of a grrl TO: President Bush, Senators, and Representatives FROM: (Your Name and Email) SUBJECT: Marriage Equality __________ Dear President Bush, Senators, and Representatives: I urge you to reject the politics of hate and division. Everyone has the same rights. There is no place in America for a Constitutional amendment denying marriage equality to anyone. Sincerely, gwenATdaisydoDOTcom you should send one tool … [Read more...]


tonight mom and i watched countdown on msnbc... he had this guy on who was talking about rupert murdoch and the fox news network. who knows who this guy was, i don't... but here is the point: the dude had a bald head. then, the dude was wearing rimless eye glasses on top of his head. rimless eye glasses with a black frame. it looked like he had two black antennae growing off the side of his head. didn't someone in the studio tell him how stupid he looked? i mean really... someone … [Read more...]

venus, goddess of love

you know, i just love this space stuff. this is an incredible sight. the exploratorium has an awesome webast about the event. they sent their scientists over to greece to follow the transit. the webcast includes a brief introduction of greece, how they photographed the event in 1882, and then the history of the transit of venus. … [Read more...]

the web monkey falls of my back…

RIP webmonkey... thank you for teaching me the beauty/non-beauty of frames. thank you for your relentless coverage of new web technologies. thank you for those everso helpful and funny monkey bites. thank you for helping me to not feel stupid when i didn't know the answer to that random html question. i'll miss you. *** update *** now i know i've been out of touch for the past 9 months. i'm sure i've visited this site 10's of times since february... and i just realized this now. god, … [Read more...]

tin foil?  encasing your apartment?

so last night i needed to go to the yarn store. yes, i really needed to go. i needed a skein of ggh esprit for this scarf i made over christmas for a co-worker who decided what i made just wasn't long enough. on the way, i turned on my local pbs station to listen to as it happens. i like listening to as it happens because its from canada and you don't get the normal news... you get stories about playing hockey in the streets and some dude who encased his friends entire apartment in tin foil … [Read more...]