Ok, so I looked…

And it wasn't as bad as I thought. With no picture, I've only been closed twice, and one was because I didn't have a picture. I've answered the questions. Maybe good things will happen. You never know. And, I'm so glad Susanna is back from holiday. More importantly, that she and her family were not affected by the bombings in London. … [Read more...]

25 bags of my life in clothing.

Part of getting ready to move included my mother calling my cousin Cindy to come down and help me "get rid of the clutter." What this meant to my mother was, "Gwen has too much shit, won't get rid of it, and I know Cindy will." So, knowing what had to happen, I allowed 25 bags of clothing to go to GoodWill on Sunday. Jones New York suits. At least 10 Jones New York suits. Granted, I couldn't wear a one because they were too big, but still. Beautiful wool skirts and pants that coordinated … [Read more...]

Fly, be free!

So this morning was like just about every other morning. I got up, walked Daisy and made sure I had everything I needed for work. I then packed everything up and went to go work out. I had an excellent workout. I was going really fast, I had my eighty's blend volume three going on my ipod, and I got to watch the skull cap boy working out just steps from me. I really couldn't ask for more. Then I took my shower, dried my hair... and realized the unthinkable. I forgot my bra. I know, I … [Read more...]

No more Zoloft!

I've been officially off Zoloft for about 2 weeks now. I thought that I would be crying all the time, like I did every other time I tried to give it up. Yeah, well, let's just say that I'm not crying. Actually, I've still be laughing. It's almost like the last episode with the ex really changed my outlook. It made me realize a bunch of things I didn't really know about myself. And most importantly, it made me realize that I didn't need a cruch to be happy. I've not cried once since I went … [Read more...]

“Thanks Mr. Bush for the death of our son”

Via Cheeky Prof: Hey shrub! Now that you've aided in the death of 1000 Americans, can we consider you a terrorist and take you out of office? Oh wait, we have to have an election for that. Damn. … [Read more...]

I’m STILL not comfortable with that

People really don't like hearing "I'm not comfortable with that" from me. Tonight my weirdo neighbour wanted me to watch his 120lb golden for him over the holiday week. I don't even like this neighbour. He always calls my house and asks for "Brenda", like my name is "Brenda". I had already told him that I was going to be on vacation for part of that time. Then he said, well maybe you could play with him in the evenings. Yeah, right. Like after I get home after being gone for 12 hours, I … [Read more...]