Glass pumpkin days at SJSU

I bought this really cute pumpkin today. The Glass Department Guild sells them every year at this time. I bought a blue one earlier this month, but I saw this one, and it totally caught my eye. It's that it almost looks plaid. It's a yummy pumpkin! You should be jealous! … [Read more...]

It’s a flat tire!

Yesterday, I got a flat tire. Hmm. It's not really a big deal. Now normally, that and all the other things that bugged me yesterday would have had me crying most of the day. But I didn't. I laughed. I also laughed at the 1000 ants that invaded my kitchen yesterday morning, and at the printers screw up of my cd cover for volume two. This morning I found out that had I actually worked out yesterday morning there wouldn't have been hot water. It seems like bad things happen in threes... I … [Read more...]

did i need a reminder?

thanks astrofiend... kick a girl while she's down whydoncha? … [Read more...]

daisies on campus!

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