That picture thing, Revealed, continued…

Lushy asked: I would like to see your favorite piece of decor in your home.
Susanna said: Once you promised me a picture of your VW beatle… And I want a video of daisy, if your camera can take a video grin I’ve just seen the videos on lori’s site, so I got inspired! For the third one, can I please see your favourite handbag? I know, this is a very silly one! my heywood wakefield record cabinetMy favorite piece of decor? That is super easy! It’s my Heywood Wakefield record cabinet. It actually holds all the vinyl records that I refuse to sell/throw away. I’ve owned it for must be 7 years now. It matches my dining room furniture, if you wanted to, you could consider it part of a collection of mine. I have more than 16 pieces of Heywood Wakefield furniture. I just adore it. I’m really hoping that if mom and I actually purchase a new house, my furniture will finally have a place where it can be spotlighted. smile

Ok, so the bug. It’s true, I own a 1962 Volkswagen Bug Convertable. It’s light blue with a white top and grey interior. It’s currently in the garage, covered with a feather bed. I’ve not pulled it out all summer, and now it’s raining. I’ll continue to look for a good opportunity to take a picture of it, but I don’t want her (Sabrina is her name) to be embarrassed. So, no picture yet.

Video of Daisy? Are you sure? The eat, sleep and poop dog? Ok, you asked for it!This is Daisy getting comfortable on the bed. Here daisy is in bed, after I’ve disrupted her… Here is Daisy actually following me around.

First, let me say it is very mean of Susanna to ask me to pick only one handbag. I mean really! Who only has one favorite handbag? I have several favorites that rotate depending upon what time of year it is. My first favorite, my “G” purse, was a birthday present from my mom. I’ve never really had things with my initials, because “G” isn’t really a popular one. But, I got to pick this purse. I got to pick that it was black with pink trim. It so meets my expectations.

The second bag was also a gift. My dad and his wife brought it back for me from Paris. I like it because it has a rubber bottom. I can set it in anything, and I don’t have to worry about it getting ruined. It’s also a very useful color for summer.

The final bag, you have seen before. It was a great purchase! I got it over the summer, and I’m going to put it in the closet in about a week to wait until next summer to use again… It’s just too summery to be out in the rain. smile

favorite handbag, number one
favorite handbag, number two
favorite handbag, number three
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  1. That record cabinet very cool!  There used to be a show on A&E called House Beautiful (hosted by Rudy Guiliani’s ex-wife) where they would show hot items that should be purchased if you find them – They spotlighted a cabinet like that, which was tres chic!

  2. my son Turtle and I have been watching the Daisy videos over and over.  So sweet and cute!  That face!

  3. OMG, Daisy is sooo cute! Pugsley also makes circles in the bed until he can get “comfortable” and then plops himself down.
    Pugsley was watching the Daisy videos so close to my laptop that he blew pug snot all over my screen! I’ll have to video tape him watching Daisy, too funny!

  4. I think I like your brown handbag most grin And you certainly do seem to have much nicer furniture than we do! I couldn’t watch the videos of daisy yet, because I am at work, but I’ll watch them when I get home!