My shirt got lucky!

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I’m writing this, hoping Cindy will leave what really happened in the comments.

What I know is this… I let Cindy borrow one of my most favorite shirts after the R.E.M. concert because she was going to Vegas and had nothing sexy to wear. I told her she could borrow the shirt I had worn to work that day. It’s a wrap style shirt with lots of rushing in the front. It’s got a cream background with peach and brown flowers all over. It covers a multitude of sins, and with a push-up bra, you are set. I did however make her promise to return it, as it is one of my favorites.

I got a call from her tonight saying that my shirt had quite an adventure! Some Chippendales dancers had molested the shirt… A cute guy in a bar gropped the shirt… And she had such a good time in the shirt the first night, she wore it the second.

Now, I know, and you know what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas… But Cindy, all of us lonely single girls would love it if you would guest post or at least post in the comments about your adventure! Or at least, tell us what the shirt did! It’s had more action than I’ve had in a long time!

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  1. well the Shirt and i started our night thinking it would just be a fun night in vegas with the girlz…but somewhere between the 4th margarita and the shot of tequila…(yeah, whatever, I’m a lightweight..)the pace was picked up higher than my push-up right disguised as some random guy from missouri (wtf?!)asked me to dance and the resulting four hours of dancing and increased grinding has left me the poster child for “What Happens in Vegas….” Little did I know the “Shirt” and I were just warming up… The next night at the Chippendale’s show two other women and i were voted “Most Loud” and pulled up on stage..once there we were unprotestingly stapped in to Dr.‘s Chairs and what followed was more fun than any “Annual Well Woman” exam i have had…mucho in-shirt fondling (is that still 2nd base?) frequent mooning and close up anatomy lessons from a Chippendale…what could be more fun…?! So all I can say is Thanks Shirt…and of course Gwen!!