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I’ve been putting on movies, first The Girl with the Pearl Earring, then Cold Mountain. During Cold Mountain, Daisy started barking. It was really cute. She was convinced there was something going on. Not. She’s on drugs. The same drugs that are getting her up at 2:30 am every morning to get a drink, and at 4 to go potty. I think my Do is getting old. No more water after 10. I can’t handle this getting up with her crap.

But, I did finish one question of my midterm and I have the beginnings of all the others. YEAH! Maybe I’ll finish another before bed. You never know. Aren’t you proud? Yeah, I know you are…

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  1. I am very proud of you grin

  2. You go girlfriend!!!

    Did you like Cold Mountain?  I’ve been debating renting it, but I haven’t heard anything about it.