Ugg.  Grad School

I turned in midterm number two yesterday. At least this one didn’t take me 16+ hours to complete like the first one did.

This midterm required me to watch an educational television program and answer 10 questions about it. I think I watched the same episode of Knitty Gritty 10 times. Granted I love Knitty Gritty, but I tell you what, I think I know the pattern by heart now.

Actually, I’m thinking of sending the materials to make the sweater to one of my secret pals. I’ve seen pictures of her, and I think it would be lovely on her. Do you think that is extravagant? I just don’t know.

Actually, it’s time to get the boxes together. I like to get my boxes out the first week of the month. I still really haven’t picked everything out yet. I’m feeling flakey, but then, I know I’m so swamped.

Anyhoo. One paper and a group project and I’m basically home free. And, you can be sure, I’m NOT going to summer school.


  1. I think that is super nice if you sent that to her!!!