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i’m very proud of myself. granted, this may seem funny, but hear me out.

i can spend money like nobody’s business. in $20’s, $50’s… little time money. it’s really hard for me to spend large amounts of money in one space, unless it’s for someone else. i could buy the rocker hundreds of $300 jerseys, $250 pickups, and other assorted sundries. but spend more than $300 on ONE thing for myself, NOT. I can spend $300 in one setting, just as long as there are many things to show for it… you know, 5 pairs of pants, 3 shirts and 4 sweaters, that kind of thing. this is why i don’t have tivo. it’s not that i don’t want it, it’s just $500 in one setting, on one thing.

so deciding i was going to buy a digital camera was a HUGE deal. i looked around… i did my reading. i read more user reviews than i care to count. i asked for advice. i thought long and hard about an SLR. but when it came down to it, that was way more than i wanted to spend. i gave myself a $400 dollar budget. you know, you can get one hell of a camera for that price.

i wanted at least 4 mega pixels, and zoom. the more zoom the better. i finally settled on the olympus c-765. i ordered it yesterday. it’s going to cost me $364. that leaves me enough to buy another xD card. i’m gonna need another battery, but that will come. maybe i’ll ask mom to donate to the fund (since that $250 is never coming back from the rocker, and i was going to use that cash for camera accessories).

now normally i’m a girl. but i bought from because their price was $75 less than amazon. i tried to get amazon to lower their price, but to no avail. bummer. i really trust amazon. butterflyphoto has ok reviews on yahoo. i’m not sure i liked the “calling to confirm, and then try to add on to the sale” but, now i know my camera is shipping!

i hope it’s here for the weekend! i’d love to take daisy out and take some “action” shots of her. you know, sleeping in the grass, eating cat poop, sitting on my lap because she is too scared to play. god, i’m so excited!

and just an added note, i’ve figured out that even taking the 5 days of vacation, i’ve still got 3 waiting. i guess i’m going to brooklyn for labor day! smile i love vacation!

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  1. when you get the camera, take some pictures for us!  That’s exciting.  My roommate has a really nice camera, so I just use his.  I’ll eventually have to cough up some cash and get one of my own.