Look out, Gwen got a new laptop!

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I’ve been dying for a laptop for years. Years, I tell you. My current computer, while it does the job, is starting to get a bit sluggish. I know, it can’t be more than about 5 years old. Here at the college that means that your computer gets replaced.

Now, I’m not replacing my computer… I’m adding to my network. Hell, my new house is already wired with CAT5 in EVERY room. Can you imagine. No cable, no phone, but CAT5. Who knows.

Now that I’ve started Grad School (did I forget to mention that, I think I might have) the need for a laptop has jumped to the forefront of my mind. I’d love to be able to take notes and work on assignments in class, all while using the wireless network on campus.

The last time I was in school, I would cart my desktop from place to place working on miscellaneous projects. What a pain that was!

So, while my mom was home helping out with the move, we (ok she) decided we could spend some of the work on the house money on a laptop for me to use for school! Can you believe it? Now, I know my mom. Sometimes she says we can do things, then she gets wet feet. She asked me about it again last week. So, I went to the Dell website and bought a computer.

Lucky Gwen has a friend Andrea, who also got a laptop last week. Her husband did the research, and I got the exact same machine. It was a bit more than I thought I wanted to spend, but I know Chris wouldn’t buy a crap machine for Andrea. So, what is good enough for her is PERFECT for me!

Now, I can blog in class! Wait, what is that I said? Blogging in class? You know what? Both my classes have a class blog! I’m blogging for homework and class participation!

Technology, gotta to love it!

A new laptop and blogging for a grade! I’m going to pass for sure!

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  1. You’re going to love your laptop!  They’re so fun!!!!