Blogging on the couch

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So, after entirely too long of a wait, my laptop arrived today. I’m sitting here, on the couch, taking full advantage of the fact that the people who owned this house before I did wired the place with cat5 cables.

I just love it. It’s very quick, and I’ve already installed all the work necessary programs… Fireworks, Dreamweaver, Flash and ColdFusion. The only problem thus far? I have the home version of XP rather than the professional version. That means that I don’t have a webserver to test stuff out on. I’m going to ask Chris how hard it would be to update the OS.

He has already volunteered to install the other goodies I’m going to need for school. That will be a great help.

So, for the first time I’ve got the all the computers in the house in a workgroup just so I can print from the laptop to one of my three printers. YEAH! I can lay in my bed, and print all the way across the house in the family room… and I’m not wireless! Granted, I bet I get a bit sick of the cords after a while, but for now, it’s wonderful!

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