LOAD218 – Day 13

Today we were looking at a precious moment OR keeping things simple, one embellishment and a one word title.  Ok.  One.  Just one.  I can do that, right? So, I started out thinking that I wanted to keep working on the first day of my trip.  Our next real stop was a pull out on I-80E.  It was cold, it was misting, it was beautiful.  The perfect foil to the sugar sweet LO I did yesterday. I knew I wanted to use a wood grain paper.  I have a bunch of Hambly wood grain overlays, but I wanted … [Read more...]

LOAD218 – Day 12

Today we were scrapping about change OR change your process OR use a sketch and change it. I decided to change my process. It is SO hard to change your process. It sucks most of the time. Honestly, every time I change my process I really don't like what I've done. So, I decided to try it anyway. Today I started with color. I never start with color. I never start with a piece of bright paper. This time, I remembered this piece of green paper. I've had it for years. Every time I go to use it, I … [Read more...]

LOAD218 – Day 11

Today we are scrapping our fun vacation and travel photos. There were other choices, like add vacation photos and use map-like embellishments. Hmm. I think this prompt I've been doing all of LOAD. While I did this challenge, I'm not sure I did it as well as I could have. For this prompt, I figured I had all my Devils Tower stuff out, so I should just finish ONE part of my vacation.  So, I thought I'd talk about the Junior Ranger program at Devils Tower National Monument.  Now, I have each and … [Read more...]

LOAD218 – Day 10

Today, our prompt was what do you experience or find joy in when life slows down? OR create a LO that has a temporal element in it, like a clock, timer, stopwatch, etc. I LOVE adding clocks to my LO's so that is where I was heading. I thought easy. It' will be done fast. Yeah. That's what I told myself.  I decided that I would talk about Devils Tower National Monument.  When we decided to go to Devils Tower, we had time.  Then we decided to spend FOR-EV-ER in Rapid City, South Dakota.  Don't … [Read more...]

LOAD218 – Day 9

Today's prompt was interesting. What have you started or created? OR create a LO using a wandering line of stitching or pen as a path through your LO. I decided to go with the second choice. When we went to Badlands National Park, we had no time.  The day was almost over.  We were hungry.  We really only had time to drive through.  I thought that was the perfect subject for this prompt.  I knew that I had a map of Badlands somewhere.  Then I started looking.  Not one was the size I was … [Read more...]

LOAD218 – Day 8

Our prompt today was about moving forward, or a recent memory you might forget, or forgotten things in your stash.  Well, this prompt worked for me.  I used the picture I had planned to use yesterday.  It was a good memory that was going to get lost.  I had already forgotten about what Jason's name was.  And, I did use things I had forgotten I had!  Go me! When we were on our way to Michigan, I needed a stop between Iowa and St. Ignace.  I chose Green Bay.  I have no idea why.  But, I'm so … [Read more...]

LOAD218 – Day 7

Today there was two prompts, one about advice and the other a time trial.  Yep.  You guessed it, I did neither. Today, we have John guarding the John.  It was so funny.  The morning had not gone well.  We got stuck in a rain storm (story to come later), we missed breakfast and decided to eat at the park (story to come later), we saw a ranger presentation which let Sean be a junior ranger (story to come later), THEN, we went to the bathroom. Now bathrooms are fun in National Parks.  So … [Read more...]

LOAD218 – Day 6

Some days, I have mojo.  Some days, I don't.  I had no mojo today.  I hate that.  Last night I picked papers and photos for my LO, so that when I was fresh this morning, I could just pick up and finish.  Yep.  It was supposed to be easy.  Sigh. This LO is about the Continental Divide at Hoosier Pass in Colorado.  It was a geeky moment for me for sure.  We were driving on Colorado Highway 9 on our way to the Florissant Fossil Beds, just outside of Colorado Springs. The drive had been beautiful … [Read more...]

LOAD218 – Days 3 & 4

Interesting, during the week, it's really easy to get my layouts done and make a corresponding blog post. On the weekends, there never seems to be a spare moment. This past weekend was no different. Between Sean's rugby, Sunny's baby shower and my dad's fractured hip, my weekend was jammed packed. Day 3 I'm not sure I even remember the prompts to share with you. But let's start with day 3, shall we? Pike's Peak in Colorado was my subject today. I think the prompt had something to do with … [Read more...]

LOAD218 – Day 2

Today prompt had three choices, the first one, I was confused about.  The second one, use tiny elements, was interesting.  The third one, use a galaxy theme on your layout, automatically appealed to me! On this massive trip that Sean and I took this summer, we visited Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve.  WHAT A PLACE.  Words really do not do it justice.  Lucky me!  This place really met the galaxy theme! I didn't really talk about process yesterday, but today is a great day to … [Read more...]