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i’m having a really hard time concentrating today. at my “session” last night, we talked about relaxation techniques, and how they should help with this.

i’m wishing i had brought the tape with me. this flitting from my weekend walks in britain book, addiction solitare, bloglines, and cold fusion is starting to get un-nerving.

i just wish i could concentrate today. i tell you what, if the cleaning lady wasn’t coming today, i would have stayed home. but i get HUGE guilt when i’m at home and the cleaning lady comes. i feel like i should be cleaning too. who wants to clean when they are playing hookey from work? not me! (did i tell you that on top of the 60 hours of vacation i have, i have 48 hours of sick time?)… i’m at work, why?

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  1. Hey, your new site design is super cute! smile

  2. yeah i would feel uncomfortable being there while the cleaning lady is also. 

    owwwwwwwuuuuummmmmm (that’s me making relaxing noises at you. i doubt that helps though.)

  3. Maybe it’s the weather.
    Maybe you should just put off doing anything useful until Monday grin