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what a hellish week

i'm so glad that my week is finally over. i'm glad my dad is better, or on his way to better... it makes things easier. now i have to go to the therapist and answer to all the stupid things i did. all the things that are counter productive to my emotional well being. the rocker thing, the dad thing... i may not be happy with what happened at the hospital. but i'm not upset with calling the rocker. i like having things hit me upside the head. i like reminders that i made the right … [Read more...]

did i need a reminder?

thanks astrofiend... kick a girl while she's down whydoncha? … [Read more...]

lessons learned

here is what i learned this weekend in a nutshell. get the full story from an impartial party don't give into guilt, emotion, or hysteria... stand your ground let someone else handle it. it will get done, even if you don't do it. if you feel a personal pity party coming on, take a walk until it goes away no one takes care of you but you. when your gut tells you to leave, LEAVE when your best friend tells you to leave, LEAVE RIGHT NOW there is a time and a place for everything people who love … [Read more...]

busy week!

i feel like i haven't spent any time at home this week. i've been out every night. i'm going out tonight... then my weekend is filled to the brim! wow! how did this happen? should i be happy about it? hmm. i think i am! the only problem is that daisy isn't happy. the past two nights, she is been up at 2, rolling on the bed she has on the floor. i have no idea what she is doing, but she sure is having a good time down there! i talk to her, and then she comes back to bed. last night i … [Read more...]

the passat

so this morning i was paying the rest of my monthly bills, and i decided to take a peek at my balance on my car loan. it said, loan balance: $1.09, next payment $423.54 on August 6 so you know what i did? i paid off my car loan. i paid the $1.09, and then the whole loan account went away... it was so cool! my car is now free and clear. all the little bumps and bruises that once happened to someone elses car, now are all mine. i bet i'm even going to get a new title now, one that says … [Read more...]

gno goes persian again

tonight we had persian again. it was very good. i really enjoyed it. we have a new girl joining us. she is very sweet. she had a baby around the same time that andrea did. it really changes the conversation. don't get me wrong. i don't mind the conversation. it's just, we talk about marriage and babies more than we used to. with me having neither, it makes it hard. tonight was really hard. every time andrea mentions the fact that our friend paul is marrying the girl he met after the … [Read more...]

actually working

you know, i've been working today. and i've been having a blast. i've been changing a report i already wrote, and re-orienting the output. very fun. then i gave advice to some friends. now i get to go to gno. i think i might be feeling better. and hell, if some dude doesn't want to date me, that is their problem, not mine. i'm a hell of a good catch. ask the rocker, he'll tell you. … [Read more...]

what do you think of this photo?

so i'm thinking that my vancouver photos aren't sexy enough for finding a date. do you think this one is better? maybe a little cleavage will help me out. hmm. not sure... but i'm going to try. chin up! i'm a great girl, right? there has to be someone out there for me. … [Read more...]

bb5 feed

i love the feed... i do. i just wish that they weren't so shallow. warning: spoilers in the extended entry... so karen is taking holly's place on the block. looks like they are still voting out lori. it erks me. i want those nasty metro-sexuals off. icky jace and scott. they are just nasty. now the girls are around talking about how they need hoh. i just hope they get it. and power of veto. and how the hell is holly still there? really how? she is so stupid. have you heard her … [Read more...]

mortgage issues with the ‘rents

so here we go again. mom wants to get dad off the property, and to do this, mom has to refinance the house and the second. dad wants to be off the property, but only if his name is off the second. mom can't refinance until dad is off the property. it's a huge frickin' mess. i hate being in the middle of these matters. i hate it. it drives me batty. i don't have any say. i don't have any control. one calls me to do one thing. the other calls for something else. it drives me batty. of … [Read more...]