It’s a ghost…  It’s not a ghost, but it’s white!

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is that what i think it is?  a bunny in the front yard?Last night, I took Daisy out for her evening walk about 6. She had been asking for quite some time, but I was ignoring her.

So, imagine my surprize when I saw this in the next door neighbours front yard! At first I thought it was a cat… Then, it hopped. I knew it was a bunny, and it was afraid of Daisy. I figured I’d take Daisy for her walk, and it would be gone. Someone must be looking for it.

Daisy and I went for our long walk, and low and behold, our bunny friend was still out there. I think it was eating grass. My neighbour friend and I decided that neither of us really knew how to care for a bunny, so we just left it there. I feel kinda bad about it, but I really don’t know about bunnies. Do they bite? How do you handle them? Do they have to be in a cage? Would they eat through a box?

bunny.jpgI thought the most important question was, would Daisy kill it before morning? I thought she might. I saw some other neighbours later at the 10pm walk, and I was told the bunny had been just hanging out for over a week. Hmm. Does that mean I have a moral obligation to take care of said bunny now? I didn’t think so… Daisy and I went to bed, without said bunny.

I hope the bunny is well. Next time, I think I’d better be prepared to take it to the shelter.

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  1. Awww, how cute!  If you could catch him, I don’t think he’d bite.  They’re rather timid, but I do think he’d chew through cardboard if given enough time.  Put some green stuff out for him like celery leaves, lettuce or carrot tops.  Good luck, Bunny!

  2. I got a bunny for Easter once as a child. They are pretty cute once they are small, but can get quite aggressive when they are older. I don’t think it would bite, but it would definitely chew on cables around the house! And while there would probably be a battle between daisy and the bunny, if the bunny is old and big enough I’m not sure daisy would stay unhurt either! They can get quite aggressive.