Gwen’s new fashion scarf

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Gwen's fashion scarf made of berroco suede and crystal palace squiggleSo, I’ve been eyeing the berroco suede for months now… trying to figure out what I’d do with it. I finally decided that I wanted to own some. I bought a ball… I also had been eyeing crystal palace’s squiggle. I loved the ends… I had to have it. You know how it goes.

So, I put the two together, decided on 10 stitches and started to knit a scarf. What you end up with is my first fashion scarf, knitted for myself.

I know, I’ve been knitting for myself a bunch lately. I know, there is a baby blanket out there that needs to be finished. But, I knit so many baby sweaters in a row that I’m sick of knitting for others. I’m knitting for me for a while. Besides, I can justify buying yarn (don’t know why, but I can), so I can knit new additions to my wardrobe rather than buy them. Aren’t I sneaky?

I put a close-up in the extended entry for those who are interested! Gwen's fashion scarf made of berroco suede and crystal palace squiggle close up

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  1. That’s just lovely!

  2. Very nice scarf!  I love the different shades of white and off white… or I guess it’s more ivory… Anyway – I loves it.

  3. oooOOooo… how loverly. I so envy anyone who can do that sort of thing.

  4. Looks like there’s another in your future…

  5. I admire you.

    I have not one iota of patience for crafty things.

    I am missing the gene.

  6. Ooh fun! How does it feel?

  7. I know NOTHING about knitting but that is GORGEOUS.