Stitches West

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limeaidewool, my splurgeOk, so I was really bad at Stitches West. Really bad. Ok, so not really bad. I said I could spend $200. That’s what I spent.

Missey Andrea told me that she thought her mom would like to join me for Stiches. I was so excited to have someone to go with me! On Friday night I called Andrea to see if her mom wanted to join me. She said, I don’t know, lets ask her. Of course, she wanted to go. That was so cool.

In the morning, Andrea, Tabitha and Dee came over to pick me up. I showed Dee lots of the projects that I’d finished. Then we looked at some patterns, and left…

I swear to god, Stitches West was twice the size it was last year. I was utterly overwhelmed. I could have spend $1000’s. But I didn’t. I bought lots of different wools to felt with… Some Cascade 220 for some slippers (apple green & a pretty teal), Wool Pak for some purses (forest and grass green), Cascade Yarns Ecological Wool and Naturally Tussock Double Knit (in browny heather colors) because they looked like they would felt beautifully, and Tiur Dalegarn (olive green) for another purse, and some bright teal Manos…

Then, there was my splurge… Admist all the green and natural colors (I know, I bought no pink yarn!), I bought a hank of Blue Moon Spinnery Hand Dyed Yarn in what says is Periwinkle… But it looks like Limeade to me. It’s lovely. Just lovely. Kinda has the feel of Rowan Biggie Print… The big textures… Yummy. $28 for 250 yards. I guess it’s not too expensive. HA!

Pictures tomorrow! cascade 220
ecological wool
manos in bright teal

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  1. Sooooo jealous!!! smile

  2. Girl… whachu gonna be doin’ with all dat yarn!