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Today, I actually spent some time in my kitchen. I cleaned things up, put things away… For being the tinyest kitchen on the face of the planet, things are coming along nicely. Believe it or not, I even washed the big window. Now, if only I could find my good saute pan…

Anyway, things are starting to look better in that part of the house.

However, I’m having the hardwood floors redone in the two front bedrooms. To my surprise, also the surprise of the man working on the floors, there were peel and stick tiles from the 1970’s under the carpet. Funny… the guy who gave us the estimate didn’t tell me they were there! Now, it’s going to cost us more pennies. I wish I had taken a picture of the tiles. They looked horrible.

The guy who did the work got a bit over zealous and now there are pieces of board missing in one of the rooms. I’m not quite sure what to do about that. There is no way for me to say the floors were perfect under the tiles… However, the holes do look like they are fresh. There is no dirt in there. And wood does collect dirt over time.

Oh well. I think when you buy a new house there are lots of things that happen that cost you much more than you thought. I guess this is one of those things.

If only I could get motivated to do my homework!

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  1. Never mind at the end of the day, any mwork you do and any money you spend you will get back much more in upping the value of the property!

    Aaah your blog is sooo pretty… smile