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green purse to feltI’ve been busy knitting (instead of doing homework), and I wanted to share…

This is the olive green purse that I’m going to felt using the Tiur Dalegarn I got at Stiches. I’m really enjoying the pattern. I love that it’s so huge right now. That means that it’s going to felt up to the point that you can’t see the stiches. That’s the way I like it. I think the color is fun, and in the end, the bag is going to have a 40’s feel.

teal purse to feltAt stiches I bought 2 skeins of Cascade 220 in this beautiful teal color. I found a pattern in my Knit It! magazine. I think the pattern is really cute, but I’m concerned that it’s going to be smaller than I want it to be. Granted, there is a bunch left to do. But, I’m concerned. What excites me about this purse is the ruffle that will be at the top. I hope it turns out well.

green fashion scarfThis is my next fashion scarf for myself. I am using Prism Diana and Trendsetter Eyelash. I’m doing it on the bias, it’s really lovely in person. I’m hoping to be done by St. Patricks Day. Last year I got shit for not wearing green. Not letting that happen this year. New fashion scarf will help that.

blue green scarfNow the reason why I’m knitting myself a new fashion scarf. Hmph. Miss Snidget put me up to it. Really, she did. I promise. She said blue and green. I went to the yarn store, and of course, I couldn’t make up my mind. So I found some Berroco Glace and Crystal Palace Squiggle (I know, again) and I’m duplicating my pink fashion scarf pattern, and it’s pretty, I think.

green blue scarfBut you know, when I was at the yarn store, I couldn’t decide what green and blue. You know, green and blue is hard. This one is Plymouth Yarns Colorlash and Trendsetter Yarns Quadro Print. It has this sparkle to it. So, I’m making three scarfs because Snidget said green and blue. I am, however having fun with it. I guess that is the important thing.

On the homework front. I told myself that if I finished one module today, I wouldn’t drop my online class. I finished my module. I didn’t do my 188 reading, but I finished my module. I’m proud of myself. Today I blogged for both classes, created my contacts database and finished my module. I think I might be on tract for that online class after all. Now, I just have to read.

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  1. You are so talented, I wish I was that crafty. I’ve always wanted to find someone who could knit me a hat or scarf of pugsleys fur. I know it sounds crazy, but he loses a lot of fur and I save it in case I can find someone who can do it for me smile

  2. So, is blue your new favourite colour?

    And you know, I am seriously considering taking up knitting too! I just don’t know where to start to be honest… Although I recently saw (I was quite surprised!) that there is a new knitting society at the university…

  3. your scarves are gorgeous… 

    Craftsy Gwen.  i need to take up knitting… it might keep me from snacking around at night.