Cadbury Mini Eggs

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Are in stock at every local store I go to. It is evil, but very tasty.

How come they are so good? How come they come at GSC time?

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  1. oh girl, do I HEAR you. God, I love those things. Easter candy kills me every year. I’m a sucker for peeps, too.

    Here we have also caramilk eggs. they are mini eggs filled with caramel. heavenly. and have you tried the cadbury egg flurry at mcdonalds? damn, you’re making me hungry wink

  2. F’ing cadbury eggs!!!!

  3. Try being on a no snacking kick to lose weight…they’re evil!

  4. What? Really? *runs to store*

  5. Merrie Beth says

    I can honestly say I’m a Mini Eggs whore…um, I mean hoarder!

  6. omg, those are my favorite!!!!  I love licking out the inside, yummm wink

  7. Gerald loves them too… Which reminds me, I should go out and buy another pack!