The little birdies are getting big!

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two of the birdies that live at my houseA little while ago, I showed you a birds nest and 4 little chicks that were in there. This weekend, I counted 5 little birds in that nest. One is very large (front), and the other very small (back). I saw them all in there, but wasn’t successful getting a picture that shows all 5.

I’m really excited about my birdies. Daisy has finally figured out that they are there. Now she looks up at the nest, just like I do, trying to figure out what all the comotion is about. I can’t imagine being that birdie mommy. 5 hungry mouths to feed, all at once. Oh my god.

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  1. Okay, that little birdie looks seriously pissed off! LOL! We get baby robins every spring. They build underneath of our deck. The babies always seem to leave so early though. I don’t get it.