My weekend, in a nutshell.

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So, here you have it. The down and dirty of a three day weekend.

  1. Tried to leave work on Friday at 12, 1, 2… finally left at 3
  2. Went shopping with Mom, saw MM in the Macy’s Women department, waiting for his wife in the dressing room. Talked at me about wireless internet he was stealing.
  3. Had first freak out moment of the weekend
  4. Committed internet blunder, and fixed it
  5. Had second freak out moment of the weekend
  6. Sister blew off Mom and I for lunch Saturday
  7. Got pedicure and haircut (did not let hair dresser cut too much this time)
  8. Spent a LONG time at the grocery store
  9. Remembered to buy dog food (had been out for 2 days)
  10. Spent Sunday cooking, cleaning and preparing for party Monday
  11. Finally put together sun shade after having it fall apart 15 times
  12. Had third freak out moment of the weekend
  13. Walked Daisy, only to have her run home in fear of fireworks
  14. Woke up Monday at 8:00 am to VISA calling me, asking if I was visiting Wisconsin and Illinois this holiday weekend. Then alerted me my credit card had been, unbeknownst to me and my card sitting in my wallet.
  15. Had fourth freak out moment of the weekend
  16. Had very successful party where all my guests attended
  17. Attempted to get drunk off of Green Apple Pucker and Sprite
  18. Let AstroFiend take pictures of me, and was not relaxed. Told him the future of my married life was on his head. He stopped taking pictures shortly there after.
  19. Had fifth freak out moment of the weekend
  20. Held Daisy for an hour because she was scared of the fireworks
  21. Woke to minimal sunburn Tuesday morning

There you have it. Fun, excitement, intrigue, tons of shopping, and enough freak out moments to keep any mental health professional busy!

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  1. Good to know I’m not the only one relating my long weekend!  I’m glad your party went well!