My credit card has been partying hard!

So, when Visa called me to tell me that my credit card was being used in Chicago over the weekend, the guy told me that the person who was charging actually HAD a card in their possession.

I thought that was really interesting, since my card was in my purse here in California.

Today, the charges started hitting my account.

Boy howdy, was this clone card having a good time in Chicago!

First it visited Fairplay Finer Foods. The next day, it moved on to Menards & Wal-Mart, and stopped to have Subway for lunch. The next day, it went to a gas station in Wisconsin (is there a reason to go to Wisconsin over Illinois for gas? And what kind of car are we filling up for $60, or are we buying cigarettes?), had a little McDonalds, went to Dominicks for more groceries, finally spending the evening at Room 22 Lounge, where it had $334 worth of martinis and fine wine. It seems like it was a good tipper as well!

On the fourth, after the credit card company called to tell me that I had a “clone” card out there, the card visited another swank Chicago club called the Hidden Lounge

Apparently, there are more charges being posted tomorrow. I can’t wait to see what else my clone card has been up too. Aren’t you excited? I know I am!

And, I don’t think I deserved this much karma. Thanks.


  1. I’m always fearful of this happening!

  2. Oops…forgot…I’m going to Chicago on 7/12 – 7/13…can I borrow your card too?  ;

  3. So all those charges will be revoked, right? And do you have to get a new card now?

  4. Yikes!! Your card was having a good time.  I hope you get everything resolved.  At least your credit card company was nice enough to alert you.

  5. Wow… I am shocked that they aren’t buying big, expensive items!

  6. Clone card?  I never heard of such!  Crazy.

  7. Too bad he/she didn’t think to get you one of those “All I got” t-shirts.  Or some vaseline for the trip to the big house when they get caught.

  8. Love the new look.  Every girl needs a tiara.