The feeds, oh the feeds!

What a wild weekend it has been on the BB6 feeds. First, I can’t believe I bought them. Seriously. I mean, I have so many better things to spend $29.95 on.

Warning: spoilers in the extended entry… Then there was the fight. The fight between Eric and Michael. The fight that sealed Michaels fate in the house. I’m still not really sure what happened (damn fish), but all morning long that was one of the major topics of discussion.

Then, there is the soft core porn called Michael and Janelle. Boy howdy there has been more pumping and grinding in the gold room than I would have imagined in week 2. It takes me back to BB4 with Dave and Amanda. I will bet you money the two of them will have sex before Michael is kicked out on Thursday.

Unfortunately for Michael and Janelle, James has the POV. I’m not sure what happened, what the game was, but James is so far up Eric’s boo-tay we can be sure that Michael will not be saved. Poo. I so wish that Eric was out this week. I really hate that guy. And Ivette? What the hell, I swear that every time she recounts a story, it becomes more and more lies. I wish that they realized how bad they look on the feeds. It’s really sad.

Ok, I’m going to turn them off… Wait, Howie just said that women had clitori, as in multiple… Can you imagine? That might be fun. Ok, now I really need to turn this off. Zoot, this is your guy here… He has been talking about pleasuring himself for 1/2 an hour. He just explained his first time, he produced “Spider Man like webs”. Yeah, ok.

Goodnight Howie. Wait one more thing… Howie just went back into the house with a flip flop covering his “member”. He had to change his banana hammock. lol. I think he needs to become a boxer kind of guy.


  1. I am paying month by month, and I have not been watching them. Instead, I have been checking out and getting the scoop.

    And I hate BOTH Eric and Michael. Grrr