My toe hurts!

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So, one of the things I forgot to mention about Saturday night is that I accidentally kicked a rock.

Let me set the stage… I was helping take things back to the car. I picked to take a cooler. I had taken my shoes off, because I was wearing flip flops, not good to walk in the sand with. It was really dark and the beach we were visiting had large rocks surrounding it. There are also rocks just under the sand.

I was having a hard time with the cooler, but I was making progress. Then, I started manuvering around the rocks. I was doing ok until, SMACK! I kicked a rock just below the sand. I didn’t swear. Ok, so I said Frick. Loudly. It hurt. Then I carefully got out of there and on the street.

Yesterday, my toe really wasn’t that bad. Then I took my shoe off. Today, my toe just hurts. I’ve got it elevated, but I can feel that my foot is starting to swell up in my shoe. I was thinking I should go to the doctor and get an xray… But I’m sure he would just tape the toe that hurts to another toe. Really. I don’t think they do much with broken toes.

So, I’m limping around today. And I’m kinda miffed that I’m going to miss kickboxing.

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  1. Ouch! 

    On another point, you kickbox?  How awesome are you?

  2. I hope it gets better soon. Can you work from home for a day? Try using lots of ice and cold compresses!