I’m home!

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I’m still really tired, but I’m home. I tried really hard to stay positive about the trip. Every other minute, something else weird happened, but I went with it. Not normally how I deal with things. I was just so glad to get away that I wasn’t going to let anything get me down. There will be lots more pictures tomorrow.

Unfortunately, I got home to one sick puppy. Daisy is very ill. She has been throwing up for 2 days. She won’t even eat rice. That surprises me. Her tummy seams to get a bit more settled this afternoon, but I’m very worried. I’ll be watching her more tonight, and then off to the vet we go. Poor baby.

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  1. ACK!  Poor Daisy! 

    Keep us posted.

  2. Awwies! Get well soon Daisy! *Muah*

  3. Oh dear, please give Daisy some hugs from us. Is it possible she could have eaten something like a piece of her toy or plastic cap or anything like that? Pugsley had 2 intestinal obstructions and both times all he did was vomit, couldn’t keep food down and wouldn’t attempt to eat after awhile. Please keep us posted!

  4. Tell Daisy we’re thinking about her and hope her tummy gets better!

  5. Oh no, is she okay now? Can we get an update? What did the vet say?

    If it cleared up on it’s own and you haven’t been yet, for vomiting our vet recommends a 24 fast and then a bland diet (sort of like the hamburger and rice thing, only more bland) of an equal mix of white and suite potato, with a bit of leek and turnip. This also works like a MIRACLE for bad poops.