Daisy is much better!

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So, after a rough Sunday, Monday Daisy was back to her old self. Running around like a puppy rather than the old lady that she is. She and I both thank you for the well wishes!

Tonight, I was informed that my girl was not as well behaved as she should have been while I was on vacation. Apparently she “nipped” at my friends baby one of the 2 days she was at her house. I wouldn’t be surprised if she did. She is old, and given enough play, she does get tired. I’m sure that between the 18 month old baby and my friends 2 year old italian greyhound puppy, Daisy was tired (she is 11). Unfortunately, she also wore out her welcome. As of right now, Daisy doesn’t have a sitter for my New York trip in September. I’m really not quite sure what I’m going to do.

Tonight was a really hard night for me. I’m not quite sure what is going on. I don’t know if it is the post vacation let down, or the girls night turned baby night, or the internet dating thing. But, I’m certainly in some kind of funk. My friend really didn’t say more than my dog nipped at her baby (didn’t bite, just really barked with teeth bared in her face) the whole evening. I really felt like I had worn out some kind of welcome, and damn it, I just didn’t belong there anymore. I’ve been fighting this urge to stop going to girls night for quite some time. I think tonight sealed it’s fate for me. I really need to find some friends that have the same life path as I have, or at least have common interests. I think I just can’t relate anymore. It really sucks.

Every day I feel like there is this really cool click that I don’t belong to. While all the people in the click say that they would love to be in my shoes, in the end they say they are so glad not to be in them. I don’t want to be in them either… and I’m finding it hard to “find the joy” in owning them.

While I was in Alaska, I could find the joy in the non-stop rain. I found the joy in packing all the wrong clothes. I could even find the joy in breaking my temporary cap. At home, with my life staring me down, I’m having a really hard time finding any joy at all. I have been thinking really hard about whether or not my joy really is here. I don’t think it is. Actually, I would imagine right now I could find joy anywhere else but here. I really think it’s time for a change.

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  1. I’m sorry you’re friends are letting you down.  It might be time to look for some new friends w/your interests now but then again keeping them, albiet on the back burner, isn’t a bad thing either.  It probably is some post vacation let down too.  I hate to come home from vacation and just have to face work/bills/etc…

  2. Hey {{{{hugs}}}}

    I’m sorry you’re having a tough time with your friends. I’m nto trying to slam moms, but I think some of them get really, err, irrational when it comes to their kids, and it sounds like the one with the baby did in your case. It’s not YOUR fault Daisy is getting old and cranky. You’d think you had personally insulted little Johnny or something.

    Anyway, it can be tough to find people going in similar directions. I have a hard time at my age, and I imagine it gets even harder as one gets older. If I lived there, we could have a grand old time having drinks and going to kick boxing. Alas, I must weather another winter here. But I’ll be thinking of you.

  3. Sorry you’re not feeling totally spiffy.

    I wouldn’t worry about Diasy (despite your uptight friend); I’m sure it was just you not being there, etc.

    And I can relate to your feelings of the friend thing. I don’t feel totally in touch with most of my friends, either, and as they begin to or plan to start having kids, it intensifies.

    For what it’s worth, some of the ickyness if probably what I call “post-vacation-depression.” I always get it after returning from somewhere, always wishing I was back there (wherever “there” was).

    Good luck with the change thing. That can be a great strategy.

  4. hang in there girl… we’re going to NYC soon.

  5. I’m glad Daisy is feeling better! I bet whatever was making her sick was happening while she was staying with your friends. A senior dog will snap if pushed and even moreso a sick dog will snap. Poor baby, i know it wasn’t her fault. Can related with the Internet Dating thing, it can be painful. If it’s a change you need, whynot move to the East Coast, Daisy can hang with Pugsley and I have a single brother smile

    Cheer up, and keep in mind this too shall pass.

  6. We have a dog who gets ornery and stressed VERY easily and has nipped kids before…it is very stressful and, as silly as it is, you take it personally because you feel like they think bad of your dog…when in reality? Its just the situation…Its no fun, I know how you feel! I hope you have a good day today – and tell Daisy there is a Boston with a Nervous Condition in Alabama that agrees that sometimes there’s just TOO MUCH GOING ON. Hhehe.