Off to New York City!

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So, Snidge and I are taking a road trip to NYC. I’m so excited, I can barely stand it. We are getting a Plum Plum pedicure at Bliss Salon on 49th Street… Then off to see Wicked.

There will be so many other things we will be doing as well…. Tons and tons of shopping.

I’ll try to send post cards, but I think I’m going to be entirely too busy!

Let me tell you, I really need this!

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  1. have fun!!!

  2. Emjpy NYC, it’s supposed to be great weather this weekend smile

  3. Don’t forget to find a Lush store to visit!  I love, love, love the Karma bubble bar, and now the Karma shampoo bar too!

    I’m trying to get the word out – I’m collecting knitted goods for the Katrina victims.  I have details on my blog; can you help pass it on?  Thanks!

  4. Love the new look!

  5. Hey Gwen! What a funny thing… I searched Google for the phrase: “happiness abounds” and I found your old post about having your ducks all in a row… I immediately fell in love with your adorable website- and noticed we are in sync with the whole web/data developer schtuff. To be absolutely specific,  I used to be a web developer- but merged into a cold fusion developer position… More code than data, I guess… but it works for me!  I look forward to reading your blog s’more when you get back from NYC!! smile