Daisy Vs. The Hedge Hog

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For Christmas, Daisy got several new toys.  Her favorite is the Hedge Hog, which she plays with every day.  It’s very funny, and I thought you might enjoy seeing a bit of her rough-housing!

This is the Hedge Hog.  Very cute little toy.  Got it at Target.  Got one for Bijou too.

This is Daisy, right before the attack on the Hedge Hog.

Here it is…  Daisy Vs. Hedge Hog.  Enjoy.

As you can see, she felt the need to involve the duck that she got for Christmas from Andrea in the torture. 

Later, Daisy could be found sleeping in her dish…  Exausted from the fight, she can’t even keep her tongue in her mouth.






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  1. test

  2. Daisy is too adorable!  Our corgi/poodle Kiska often sleeps with her tongue out – we call it “take a ticket” because she looks like one of those take a number machines at the deli.

  3. You know I love to see videos of daisy grin