Should one really wear their tiara to work?

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Gwen and Jessica with the tiara.  I got to wear it this time.For my birthday, Jessica decided that I needed a tiara.  You know, I’ve always wanted a tiara.  Seriously.  It’s one of those stupid things that is on my list of things to have… 

I just always thought that I would be the one to buy it.  I was wrong.

It is the prettiest thing.  It made me smile.

Don’t you think it suits me?

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  1. Happy Birthday!  You do look fabulous in a tiara!  Every girl needs one.

  2. You look great! And finally… I can comment! I tried commenting a couple of times while we were on holiday, but Gerald’s computer blocked the word validation thingy – so annoying! Anyway, happy new year and hope you got my package wink

  3. You can tell when a person was made for the tiara.  You look great.