Spoil-a-Blogger 3.0

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So, I’m going to do it.  I can’t believe I’m going to, but I am.  I am hosting Spoil-a-Blogger for the third time.  THIRD. 

This time the dates are from February 6 – April 6.  Ok so I know it’s strange dates, but I wasn’t together enough to get things ready for the first, and if we wait until the 15th, we miss Valentines Day.  I don’t think I should make the participants miss Valentines Day!

So, if you want to participate, send an email to spoil3.0 AT daisydo DOT com…  or check out the FAQ at the Spoil-a-Blogger site.

And if you are a participant, and you have time to make a button for the site, that would be super cool!

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  1. Hey, your comments are working for me again! (A couple weeks ago I had problems—well, I’ve always got problems but you know what I mean!)

    So, do you think you can get my secret from last time to send me my 2nd and 3rd package?! tongue wink

    Hugs to Daisy. smile