Bad Day

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Ok, so today sucked.  And it had nothing to do with Sean.

Today, I decided to move the family room around so that we would have more floor space for Sean to play on.

Mom was sitting in a chair watching…  I moved one of our glass topped tables, the glass slipped from the table and tore a very large piece of skin off of her left leg (at her shin), down to the muscle.  I panicked.  Mom remained calm.  I called a neighbour to help take care of Sean, and took mom to the emergency room.  Good thing we have that spare wheelchair in the garage.  I managed to wheel her to the car, get her in the car, and then to Good Samaritan Hospital.  I was hysterical (to be quite honest). 

There was a plastic surgeon at the hospital for another emergency, and she sewed mom up.  The gauge was about 2 inches by 5 inches, in like a flap.  It was very gross, and I know that my mom has like 50 stitches under that bandage.  I feel totally horrible.  She just laughed and said that if it was going to happen to someone that it was going to happen to her.  So, here I am filled with guilt.  I’m glad it wasn’t worse…  I didn’t hit an artery.  The glass didn’t break.  Seriously it could have been worse.  Sean could have been in the room rather than napping, he could have witnessed the whole thing. 

We are very lucky, but I really do feel horrible.  I love my mom, and I wouldn’t be such calm mom if she weren’t here.  I know I wouldn’t have fallen appart if I hadn’t hurt her myself…  At least I don’t think I would have. 

Could you take a minute and wish her well?  Or say a little prayer if that’s what you do.  I just worry about infection with all of her other ailments.  I’m so glad that she is basically ok.  I just wish that it hadn’t happened.

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  1. Poor Mom.  Poor Gwen.