What a wonderful surprise!

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I will say, that I am remiss on this.  It happened on Friday, but things are so busy that today is the first day that I had to post…  More on my busy weekend later.

I have been spoiling the most wonderful person for Secret Pal 12.  Her name is Sherri, and she blogs at Sherriknits.com.  I’ve been having a great time spoiling her, and I’m pretty sure that she has been enjoying her boxes.  Anyway, I sent her a reveal box last week, with some things I purchased in Prague, some Rowan Denim, and some yummy chocolate truffles from our local artsy chocolate store.  It was kind of a disjointed package, but she seemed to like it just the same.

On Friday, mom and I came back from the mall, where we picked up my shoes that had broken and were being fixed, there were two boxes on the front porch.  The first box was from AllClad for my mom.  It was some gift with purchase that she got when she bought pots and pans around her birthday.

The second box was addressed to me!  At first I thought it was from the person spoiling me…  Then I looked at the return address…  Nope, it was from Sherri!

Isn’t it exciting?!?

When I opened the box, I found 4 skeins of Wisdom Yarns Poems (100% wool) in beautiful pinks and greens and yellows!  I’ve never heard of this brand, but I think it’s lovely.  It’s all pastel-ey and looks like it would felt into a beautiful fabric!

See, isn’t it pretty!

Then there were 5 skeins of Cascade 220 in a baby pink and fuchsia!  I don’t have either of these colors, and I can already see a really cute purse!

Finally at the bottom of the box was the book 220 Projects for Cascade 200!  It’s been on my wishlist FOREVER!  I even went to purchase it, and it was super pricey on eBay, so I decided not to buy it!  And here it is, in my hands!  And I have a BOATLOAD of Cascade 220!  So very, very exciting!

Sherri is one of the kindest people that I know!  I can’t believe that she sent a box, let alone a box overflowing with things that I love.  I feel so inspired to knit a new project!  I think I’d better start going to knitting meetup again so that I have time to knit!

Thank you Sherri, it was totally unexpected, and it really did make my day!  You Rawk!

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  1. you make me smile