LOAD, Day 3, 4 & 5

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Really, I’ve missed 3 days?  It seems crazy.  But true.  I cropped on Saturday and Sunday.  It’s been busy.

Day 3: Who I am now:

Wow…  I got the challenge and I started looking at old pictures.  I found one my my sister and I.  I decided to do it.  To just mention how I feel. This is how I feel.  That’s it.

We Were Friends…

Day 4: How things change:

Yeah!  Happier subject.  Great pictures of Sean at Disneyland in the same teacup, with pins.  First with my pins, now with his own.  I loved using the zipper.  I really wanted to show the tearing away from the little boy to the big boy.

Raising a Pin Trader

Day 5: How things stay the same:

John took Sean to the cemetery on Saturday.  This is the picture he took.  Sean looking at the grave of his grandfather…  Still makes me cry thinking about it.  I’ve not met John’s dad yet.  Sean met him before I did…  John and I love genealogy.  So does Sean.  He just doesn’t know it yet. 

You and Me…

Look out for tomorrow…  Pictures from my engagement. smile

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