LOAD 15 - Music of your life

OK, well, we all knew that I did R.E.M. as my hobby.  So I was going back and forth about music.  I could do all the songs I sang to Sean when he was an infant.  Nah.  Then I remembered that I could do my wedding day.  I love our DJ, I did then, I do now.  He did an excellent job with mostly what we didn’t want, not what we did want.  But when I got the call the day before the wedding saying he lost his notes…  Well, I must have gotten confused and said the wrong title.  And when we walked down the isle to the wrong song, we just laughed and said “this isn’t what we wanted.”  We have never told him it was the wrong song.  I never complained.  But, what a perfect memory to capture.  It’s this secret that John and I share, and we love it.


BTW…  Down 1.2, 14 total.  I’m so proud of my hard work.

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