Pre-K Crafts for Old Orchard K1 class

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One of things I love about Sean’s new school is…  Miss Katie!  She is so patient and really would love parent participation.  One thing I really wanted to be able to participate in is Sean’s Halloween Party.  But because I drove to the Pumpkin Patch last week, I had to give up volunteering Wednesday.

But, one thing I can do is plan their crafts!  So craft number one…  A spooky egg carton spider with pipe cleaner legs.  What an easy craft.  I cut the egg cartons apart, added 8 holes on each one for legs, and then they will have googly eyes for eyes!  They can color or paint the egg carton if they want.  So cute!

Egg Carton Spider

Next, we have craft number two.  A Balloon Jack-O-Lantern.  So easy!  I blew up a balloon, cut some eyes and a mouth out of black construction paper, and used school glue to paste the eyes and mouth on.  So cute, and you know how kids love balloons!

Balloon Jack-O-Lantern

Finally, we have craft number three. I think this one is my favorite. I love any craft that involves tracing my son’s hand.  Trace your child’s hands on black construction paper.  Cut out the hands.  Take a toilet paper tube, staple the ends down.  Paint the tube black.  Add googly eyes.  Paste the construction paper hands to the bottom of the tube, and then roll the fingers a bit.  Super easy!  Longest part, waiting for the paint to dry!

Handprint & Toilet Paper Tube Spider

I can’t wait to show you Sean’s versions!  Happy Halloween!


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  1. Oh. My. Word. These are so cute!!! I bet the kids had a ball!!!

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