My Starbucks Name

Yesterday, I went outside of my comfort zone, and went to work out with two mommies from school.  I’ve had a gym membership since at least April, and I’ve never gone.  Every time I said I was going to go, I had an excuse as to why I couldn’t.

Last week, John asked me about the membership.  He asked if maybe I shouldn’t give it up since I didn’t go.  I told him I really wanted to go.  So, when one of the mommies asked me to go to the gym with her today, I said yes.  I told John I really didn’t want to go.  But, part of the reason why I didn’t go was because I had no one to go with.  If I didn’t go with someone who asked me, I had absolutely no excuse to keep my membership.

So, I went.  I walked very slowly on the treadmill, but I did do the gentle hills.  I was really worried that my belly button was going to start hurting, because I am still sore after the appendectomy.  But, I didn’t hurt at all, and I was proud that I went, and I tried.

On the way back, my friend asked if I wanted to get a Starbucks.  I said, I don’t drink coffee, but I love the tea.  So we walked in.  I went to order, and immediately saw Sean’s favorite treat, the gluten free rice krispy treat.  I told the barista that I was getting it for my kid.  He said, “yeah, sure.”  I said, “no really, it’s his favorite treat, and he is gluten free.  He is going camping this weekend and it will be nice for him to have a special desert while all the other boys are having smores.”  I paid, and then he started writing my name.  I said “oh you got my name from my card” and he showed me the cup.  I was speechless.

Imagine my surprise.  He wrote “Good Mommy.”

I had to make a layout.  I mean really, how many times does someone go out of their way to tell you that you are doing a good job being a mommy.  My husband does, and I appreciate it.  But, when a random stranger says it, you feel amazing.

LO: My Starbucks Name

Now, I’ve been hording Shimelle‘s first line.  I just loved the pinks and the golds and how understated it was.  It’s been just sitting there, waiting for the right subject.  Here it is, a dark, passion tea lemonade, no sweetener.  Just the right color drink to complement the paper.  I was feeling like I needed a bit of help, so I went to her blog to find a bit of inspiration…  And there it was, in an old sketch and featured guest designer…  I loved what Mendi did, and I said, I’ve got this.

First off, I offset it.  I’m not much for center justified lately.  I was going to use the pink polka dot for the background…  Unfortunately, there was a problem with a line I made to frame things that I just hated, so I made two cuts, found some kraft, and was immediately happy again.  Then I used a banner for my title, over the picture.  This was because I offset the images/cardstock, and it needed something to help with the huge expanse of white space.  The Freckled Fawn heart me wood veneer covered a nice hole where I tried to sew on the picture unsuccessfully.  For my title, I used cheap Target letters and thickers, of course.  Finally, a little tag at the upper right hand corner gave me the visual triangle I was looking for…

What amazes me is that there were so many crazy oopses I made while making this LO.  But as Julie Fei-Fan Balzer always says, there are no mistakes in crafting.  Tonight, I know that is true.

Tell me about your happy accidents, I’d love to hear about them.

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