Flat Tire Adventure

Right after Sean fell into Loch Ness, we found the Waterfall Cafe and decided to have lunch.  Then, we decided to visit the falls right across the road, Foyers Falls.  At some point after lunch, it was pointed out to us that we had a flat tire.  Wow.  I had thought it looked low at the stop before, but I thought nothing of it.

So, we called the service, and waited.  What a great place to have to wait.  They had all kinds of games to play, and the falls were beautiful.  The falls were down seemingly hundreds of stairs, but they were beautiful.  Sean and John played Connect 4 and marble drop.  I wrote post cards and stressed.  And stressed.  And stressed.  This, of course was not how we wanted to spend our day.  And, we had a donut spare.  Ugg.  Later we went bowling.  What a great stress reliever!

John just kept telling me that we were on an adventure.  And we were.  The tire got fixed.  We didn’t have to do it.  The next day, we bought a new tire…  It all worked out.

LO: Flat Tire Adventure

This layout is very similar to yesterdays.  But, I had totally different inspiration, this layout for Cosmo Cricket.  I had this red paper with the arrows on it.  I just wasn’t seeing anything.  So, I went a looking.  What is so funny is that I could have just scraplifted myself.  I seem to be drawn to the left hand side these days.  (can you say personal style is all over this, yet again?)  I stitched on some circles, which you really can’t see well.  I was thinking about the tires when I added them.  I should have used 4 threads instead of three, they would have shown up better.  I found the perfect Basic Grey flair, added some thickers and there you go.  In case you are interested, those are 2.5 inch squares…  I didn’t realize they wouldn’t fill the whole sheet of cardstock.  But instead of repositioning everything, I left it chaotic.  I think it works.  It’s tells the story I want to tell.  I was a mess, and John and Sean just worked with it.  This, my friends, is my life.  Was my life.  I’m just rolling with the punches now.  It doesn’t matter what happens, as long as the three of us are together.

Have you had car troubles on vacation?  I’d love to hear about it.

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