LOAD218 – Days 3 & 4

Interesting, during the week, it’s really easy to get my layouts done and make a corresponding blog post. On the weekends, there never seems to be a spare moment. This past weekend was no different. Between Sean’s rugby, Sunny’s baby shower and my dad’s fractured hip, my weekend was jammed packed.

Day 3

I’m not sure I even remember the prompts to share with you. But let’s start with day 3, shall we?

LOAD218 - Day 3a

Pike’s Peak in Colorado was my subject today. I think the prompt had something to do with being dressed inappropriately. This story really met the prompt. Sean and I took the Cog Railway to the top of Pike’s Peek. I had winter coats in the car. Really, they were for Yellowstone, but I wanted to ensure we were warm. I didn’t bother to find out the temperature at the summit before we left. But I grabbed my windbreaker and Sean had his sweatshirt. I figured we would be fine. Nope. Sean was freezing. I was freezing. We were freezing.

Honestly, we took a few pictures and got back in the train. The gift shop at the top was totally full, and I didn’t really want to spend money up there. Someone offered to take our picture for us. That’s all I really wanted.

The process for this layout was pretty simple. I pulled out my Christmas papers, found this awesome snowflake, and this circle frame from Little Yellow Bicycle. It all felt cold. I also found a view master reel of Pike’s Peek at the antique store, so I knew I had to use it. It also fit perfectly in the frame! I added brr in three places, and there you go.

I also added a Project Life page, with my postcard from the day. It was so pretty up there. It was a lovely ride up and down the mountain.

Day 4

Today, the prompt was taking a big picture and using a close up of something in the picture. Turns out, I had these pictures from a rest stop in Utah.

Let me tell you, the ride across 80 in Nevada can be, well, dry. Yes, there are pretty mountains. There are quaint little towns that appear ravaged by cheap air fare.

When we hit the salt flats Sean was so excited! He knew it was salt. He remembered what salt looks like from Death Valley. He couldn’t wait to go walk on it. There was someone gathering salt when we got there. This gave Sean the idea he should take some too. It’s still in the car almost a year later.

It really was the perfect story for the prompt. Lots of tiny NaCl particles all stuck together.

LOAD218 - Day 4a

I used a map out of the travel guide, and a cork USA piece. I think it’s pretty boring, but I love it. And, I know I met the prompt.

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