LOAD218 – Day 9

Today’s prompt was interesting. What have you started or created? OR create a LO using a wandering line of stitching or pen as a path through your LO. I decided to go with the second choice.

When we went to Badlands National Park, we had no time.  The day was almost over.  We were hungry.  We really only had time to drive through.  I thought that was the perfect subject for this prompt.  I knew that I had a map of Badlands somewhere.  Then I started looking.  Not one was the size I was looking for.  Then, I remembered this brochure that John had bought at the map store earlier this year.  I knew it was going to work perfectly.

My original thought was to sew the lines on the page from the picture to the place on the map.  Yeah, that would have been a ton of stitching.  So, I went with numbers.  I picked the prettiest pictures from Badlands, figured out where we would have taken the pictures, and then matched the photo with the vista point on the map.

I really wanted to focus on the map and the photos.  I didn’t see any reason to journal.  The map talks about Badlands.  I added a short title, and the numbers, and said, done.  I also did a project life page for this, that I placed between the pages.  This is one of the reasons why I hate double LO’s.  I enjoy adding project life pages in between LO’s.  When you do a double, and then don’t do a third LO about the topic, it’s stuck next to something unrelated.  I hate that.

LOAD218 - Day 9The things I loved about Badlands…  EVERYTHING.  I loved how beautiful it is.  I loved that you could follow the Badlands Loop Road and see a majority of the park.  I loved that there was nature to look at.  I know if we had been there longer, we would have seen more animals.  I loved how clean it was.  It is an amazing park.

The last stop, I was tired.  I was tired of getting in and out of the park.  John got out of the car and walked 10 feet.  He turned around and said, I think you want to see this.  He was right The Pinnacles did not disappoint.  It was so beautiful it took my breath away.  The last picture that was taken at Badlands was #7.  Sean and I were both trying to get a great picture of the sunset.  It’s fitting that John was taking a picture of the two of us taking the same picture.  It was a great end to the day.

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