LOAD218 – Day 11

Today we are scrapping our fun vacation and travel photos. There were other choices, like add vacation photos and use map-like embellishments. Hmm. I think this prompt I’ve been doing all of LOAD. While I did this challenge, I’m not sure I did it as well as I could have.

For this prompt, I figured I had all my Devils Tower stuff out, so I should just finish ONE part of my vacation.  So, I thought I’d talk about the Junior Ranger program at Devils Tower National Monument.  Now, I have each and every booklet, and each and every badge.  Many of them are not going to fit in a LO, but how lucky I am that they fit on this LO.

My scraps have been amazing this LOAD.  I found this Adventure paper just sitting there, waiting for me to use it.  It fit perfectly with my son taking a selfie at the tower.  Then I found the picture of him getting the Junior Ranger badge.  In order to make sure the Junior Ranger Workbook fit behind the photos, I made a pocket with foam tape.  It made the pocket high enough off the page so that the workbook wouldn’t bow out the images.  I added a fun sticker, and a little Wyoming die cut.  I also put that badge on the page.  I know he hates them.  One day he will be glad I did this.  Unless he is mad because they have value and I broke off the back.  Ha!

LOAD218 - Day 11

Because I wanted to finish this bit of the trip up, I put together a project life page for Rapid City.  Boy, are we sad that we didn’t have more time in Rapid City.  It is such a nice little town.  We really enjoyed the presidents.  One day we would like go back and visit the rest of them.  Sean and John did their first Pokemon raid in Rapid City.  They both caught a Snorlax.  Sean was very, very excited.  All the other people raided across the street from us.  Sean was a bit sad that he wasn’t in the middle of all the action.

LOAD218 - Day 11d

Yesterday, I talked about the stop at the Welcome Center.  They people there were so friendly, and so very helpful.  The extra 10 minutes the drive they suggested gave us the most incredible views.  We drove through little towns, over a river, and had a 10 minute view of the Tower before we got there.  John and I were so glad that we made that call.  It was so worth it.  If a local ever tells you to take a different path, I suggest you take it.  It’s so worth it.

LOAD218 - Day 11bI thought it was important to remind myself of the history of the monument.  There were little flags in the trees all around the Tower.  I was amazed by it.  I also thought it was great that we found the Wyoming Historical Marker when we were leaving the Tower.  Of course, we had to stop.  Of course we did.  You would have thought we were crazy if we hadn’t.

LOAD218 - Day 11c

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