LOAD218 – Day 16

Let’s do this!  Day 16!  Our prompt, when have you taken something too far/challenged yourself.  OR challenge yourself by making a monochromatic layout.  Well, I can do that!

I’ve been totally feeling craft paper this LOAD.  I just love that it’s brown, or tan, or whatever you need it to be!  So, I chose craft!  I decided to go to Dinosaur National Monument today.  I thought it would be perfect for a monochrome LO.  I had this scrap of Hambly paper that is a map of Paris.  It was perfect.  I found a piece of brown paper that had a darker brown pattern on it.  Then some brown card stock.  It was all working beautifully.  On the back of the brown patterned paper were little cards.  I cut one out, and stamped the date.  Then I knew I needed something.  I needed a dinosaur!

I looked and looked on the internet, and then I looked on the Dinosaur National Monument page to see what kind of dinosaurs we saw…  Bad mom moment.  And then I searched for that dinosaur, found one with good resolution, and made it the size I needed.  Boy that was easier than I thought.  I added some cream card stock to journal on, and a cream ROAR, just to finish things up.  But it still needed something.  A leaf, a wood veneer leaf, just out of reach of my herbivore.  Yay!  Awesome!LOAD218 - Day 16What a place!  We were out of the hotel early, and got to the park right after they opened.  Lucky for us, we missed the tour busses, and most of the crowds.  We were able to drive right up to the quarry.  I was so pleased.  I didn’t really want to take the shuttle.  When we got up there, Sean could have cared less.  It was really sad.  We had the junior ranger program to do, and he really didn’t want to do it.  He just wanted to play Pokemon.  I have lots of pictures of him playing on my phone.

But, this place really was amazing.  The inside of this building has an entire wall of all kinds of different dinosaur fossils.  It’s just crazy how many dinosaurs are in that one wall.  Unfortunately, the trail that takes you to see the fossils outside was closed for repairs.  So, we didn’t do that.  I really want to go back someday.

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