Gearing up for LOAD519

I just love LOAD. It brings me so much joy. Last LOAD, I got sick, just about 2 weeks in. I did a LO for day 12, but, I didn’t even post that day. I’m just a wimpy sick person.

So, I asked for a LO again this LOAD, and I got day 12 again. I must be a day 12 kind of girl. I am so excited about the prompt. I’m not going to share it. I’ll share it on Day 12. But, because I am so excited, I’m going to write my post. Actually, I’m going to post it on May 12 so I can tell you on the actual day.

So the LOAD519 prompt for Day 12 is:

Penn and Teller These two magicians perform a type of magic called comedy magic. Penn does all of the talking as Penn is silent and mimes or gives nonverbal cues throughout the performance.

STORY PROMPT: Do you have a funny story waiting to be told?

TECHNIQUE PROMPT: Use pairs of embellishments on your layout today.

So, at first I was thinking, I ALWAYS scrap the funny stories first. I mean, I really do. Then I remembered that I hadn’t scrapped Sean’s tooth removal. I know, What? Funny? It was! Not because of what was happening, but because of how he reacted. I have no idea how much laughing gas they gave him, but it let him relax enough to THINK he was sleeping, and not caring what was going on in his mouth. When the dentist had the tooth out, she said, “oh my, your tooth just fell out!”  Sean thought it was so funny!  He just laughed and laughed.  He even said he dreamed it fell out.  The video I took about it still makes me laugh. So, I went with the story.

I thought about doing the technique… I was thinking about little teeth… Then, I was thinking gross. I didn’t want teeth. So… There’s the prompt.

Wouldn’t you know it, I wasn’t really feeling super creative. Sometimes that just happens. So, I went to every creative girls inspiration spot, Pintrest. I found the cutest sketch from Laura Whitaker, and decided that’s how I was going to do this LO. Now normally I wouldn’t use “inspiration” for a LOAD inspiration piece, but, lets just say, I’m not sleeping much, and I’m volunteering a bunch. I’m tired.

Normally, there are always a line or two out there about everyday life. I had a couple of kits just hanging out in my stash. Lucky me! I loved how the muted, almost pastel colors went with the bright orange and pink. I was blessed that there were lots of pink embellishments that were almost the same color as the nose piece. Let me tell you, this LO came together so easily! I was so happy, I picked the green, I picked the colored days, and wham, bam, it was done. I will say the addition of the red and clear bubbles were supposed to be my “pairs.” I’m not sure it works, but that was my thought.

LO of Sean, in the dentist chair, after having his tooth removed...  Still on nitrous oxide.  A tad bit gassy.

LOAD always makes me happy. I’m so excited for LOAD519.

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