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LOAD520 – Day 31

Abbey LOAD - Day 31 The Beatles The White AlbumStory: Crate your own story prompt using a song we haven't covered yet!Technique: Use a white background/leave a lot of 'white' space I've been spending better part of the past two days trying to get my white privilege in check. Trying to figure out how to fix this, because at my soul, I'm a fixer. When I got this prompt, I immediately thought Revolution. I should do Revolution and talk about the protests. Then I read the lyrics to … [Read more...]

LOAD520 – Day 30

Let me say that my celebration bread is good. It tastes like a cinnamon roll. I'm really sad that I forgot about the fruit. I will make it again and add the fruit. I will not let my poolish sit in the fridge so long. I will weigh my flour. I will not bake at 10:30 pm. This morning Scrap Happy had a scrapbook live session, so my layout is done well before 12 noon. I'm so happy about that. We are going to have lunch with John's mom today. I'm really not sure about this. Honestly, … [Read more...]

LOAD520 – Day 29

What a day! I had my DAR meeting this morning. Sean had his speech teacher at 1. We went cherry picking again! We got Starbucks and went to the grocery store. I made an unexpected dinner. Kathy Ellen said she'd like to talk. I talked to Kathy Ellen until 11. During that time, I baked celebration bread, but I forgot to put in the fruit. Oh well. Dang! It was a great day! Abbey LOAD - Day 29 - Come Together and I Am The Walrus (songs)Story: Scrapbook a story about something … [Read more...]

LOAD520 – Day 28

I let John take care of the drama at the end of the day yesterday. He is still trying to get the "teacher" to make an appointment to teach about idioms. We turned in the revised art assignment. I know that Sean hasn't done what was asked for, but I don't think he knows how. I had told the teacher I didn't think Sean understood perspective, and this assignment really shows that. I made him do it again, it's totally different, he made some decent textures, but there is no perspective. Oh … [Read more...]

LOAD520 – Day 27

Today was another day of getting frustrated. I am so frustrated with teachers right now. I'm sure they are doing their best, trying their hardest... And yet, I don't see it. I see teachers at our district not put anything but an assignment in a Google classroom and walk away. No class meetings, no Zoom meetings, no WebEx meetings. Nothing. Then I get an email from one teacher saying if Sean isn't going to try harder to do those assignments maybe he shouldn't be in my class next year. … [Read more...]

LOAD520 – Day 26

Oh my goodness! What a busy day! I made poolish for Celebration bread. I made Ham and Cheese Hot Pockets. I made Cherry Crumb Brownies. I was super busy. I'm really happy about the hot pockets. Sean can put those bad boys in the toaster oven and 15 minutes later have lunch. And, he loves them. I'm going to keep the bread recipe for them handy, and make some other kinds. Maybe turkey and cheese, or chicken pot pie inside. I took brownies to three of my neighbors tonight for dessert. … [Read more...]

LOAD520 – Day 25

It's hard to believe that 25 days have passed. I'm surprised that I'm still going. February I got sick and just stopped. I don't know what happened with October. May seems to be my month to finish. It was an interesting day. We just stayed around the house. Sean worked on school work, as he owes us 2 days. Now, he only owes us one. There is so much work to complete. I'm just utterly confused how it's all going to get done. I seeded 8 cups of cherries, made ham and cheese frittata, … [Read more...]

LOAD520 – Day 23

It's been an interesting day. My son pretended to mow the lawn for 2 1/2 hours. That was fun. I made a dutch baby, which is well, yummy. I ate a ton of cherries to go with it. I think I'm going to make cherry chocolate brownies tomorrow. Then I need to pit, and freeze my cherries. I don't want them to go bad, and I think Sean has a "date" on Friday to, well, pick more cherries. This is going to be an interesting social distancing experiment. I also made pizza today. It's become a … [Read more...]

LOAD520 – Day 22

I find it interesting that I'm still not taking the time to put up the two layouts I didn't post. Yeah, I don't like them that much. Anyway, today, I made bread. I've not done that in a month. Well, I take that back. I've not made white bread rolls in a month. It went so easy. The first rise was super quick, but the second rise took longer than expected. Oh well. It's warm here. I'm sure that has everything to do with it. I also made corn fritters. Hmm. They needed more seasoning, … [Read more...]

LOAD520 – Day 21

Today we decided not to do school. It wasn't a hard decision. It really wasn't. Sean is just not motivated, and John and I are having to hold his hand to get through everything. Even art. It's crazy. So we went cherry picking. There were two people that we encountered. The person who gave us the bags, and the person who took our money. We picked 12 pounds of cherries. I think John really enjoyed the picking. I read later that we weren't supposed to pick the stems. Oops. Might have … [Read more...]