LOAD 520 – Day 2

It’s beyond hard to realize that we have been in this house for 7 weeks. Seven weeks. Breathe. Seven joyful weeks. Seven weeks full of complaining about school work. Seven weeks of avoiding reading. Seven weeks of the question “can I play Fortnight.” Over and over again. But, I digress.

Beatlemania: Story: Something you were/are crazy about; Technique: Subtitle/caption a photo on your page

Well. I’m crazy about Sean, right? And he is crazy about Fortnight. One thing John and I have been noticing is that well, Sean needs a hair cut. His hair has so much body, and honestly, there is so much of it. He wore it long a lot when he was little because he really believed that it hurt him to get his hair cut. It was hard. Now, we have Juan. Juan is awesome. Juan is a real barber. We love Juan.

So, I took some pictures of what Sean’s hair looks like when he plays Fortnight. It’s pretty funny. The headset looks like a headband, and does funny things. Then he has this weird bedhead part thing going on in the back. Juan is going to laugh when he sees Sean’s hair. But what a perfect subject for a layout.

LO: Fortnite Hair

I found the remnants of PhotoPlay’s Paprika line, and I just loved the bright colors with this. Fortnite is full of bright colors. I liked how the white paper looks like data, and I love the polka dot paper. Everything just fit. Again, I just used scraps. I found some more of my embellishments. Thank goodness. I was worried for a minute.

You know, it’s been a while since I cropped. I was sick in February for that LOAD. I think I did some of October, but again, I think I was sick for part of that too. I’m glad to be off the prednisone. It sucks. What are you obsessing about right now? Honestly, my bagels are still in the forefront of my mind.

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