LOAD520 – Day 5

Today I had to take Archie to the vet. He has this hot spot thing going on, which became infected. Sigh. He’s on antibiotics now. Go Archie! Today felt almost normal. Almost. I couldn’t go into the vet, she called while I sat in the car. I didn’t sign for the credit card bill. After the vet, I stopped by Hicklebees to pick up Seans new book. Then I played Pokemon Go for an hour or so. It was so nice to be out. I felt almost bad about it.

But, I digress, it’s a LOAD day.

Abbey LOAD Day five: Birthday (1968 Song) Story: Scrapbook a birthday layout. Technique: Use party-themed products.

Well, there are lots of birthdays that I haven’t scrapped. Tons of them. But I prefer to talk about the last day of 11. The first day of 12, who cares. He has 365 days of 12 to come. He only has 1 day of 11 left.

This year, we asked Sean what he wanted to do for last day of 11. The first words out of his mouth were “Hamilton.” John and I were shocked. I mean really. He could have picked anything. This was a Wednesday we were talking about. Funny thing is, I was thinking about doing that weeks earlier. But, I’m funny about spending big amounts of money. If I had brought it up to John, I’m sure we would have bought the tickets sooner, but I didn’t.

John immediately looked on the website, found tickets for well, the next day, and bought them. Good seats too. Orchestra, Row U, and on the isle. Wow.

The day was fun, and I plan to use the other part of the day as another layout, so I won’t discuss it here. But, Hamilton was amazing. Sean was so engaged. He listened, he didn’t chat through it. He talked about it at intermission. He loved it so much that after the show he wanted to hang out and get autographs. Of course we said yes. Who cares that it’s 11 o’clock at night on a school night. He smiled so big with every actor he met. He was so proud. It was such a good night. It was such a good day.

One of the things that I’m happy about today is that we actually went. We made that memory. Who would have thought that ONE week later the show would be cancelled indefinitely, and we would be staying in place for going on 8 weeks now. Sigh. We made the right choice. I’m so very glad we did.

Lets see how I did on that prompt, shall we?

LO: Last day of 11, going to see Hamilton in San Francisco

Yeah, in theory it’s birthday, right? No. Party embellishments? Stars? No. Well, I didn’t mean to go off prompt. But, when you have so many great pictures, you don’t need tons of embellishments. So, I added a few stars, lots of 11’s and the ticket stub. There you have it. Last day of 11. The last great day before shelter in place. What a day it was!

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